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INTRODUCE manufactures and processes healthier products to serve the needs of users’ modern life.

Food materials, especially plant materials such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, besides providing essential nutrients for the body, depending on the type, also contain many biological active substances beneficial to human health. People. These active ingredients are easily destroyed or significantly degraded if the methods of storing raw materials, handling and processing, and storage conditions are not appropriate. selects ingredients with healthy properties for processing. The processing process is researched and developed with domestic and foreign partners. The actual processing is strictly controlled to ‘preserve the value’ that nature bestows in each product. All steps from research, processing, to distribution are conducted with knowledge, passion, and dedication to create products that are useful to the health of users and to serve the community. was founded by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thien, who studied for many years at Ghent University and KU Leuven of the Kingdom of Belgium, Europe. original products were born out of research projects with professors from Ghent University. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thien is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Food Technology, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and visiting lecturers at a number of international programs of other major universities. is not only a brand but also the enthusiasm of the founders and all members who have faith and passion in manufacturing and providing better products for the health of domestic and foreign users. contributing to building a sustainable agriculture in Vietnam and serving the development of society. products have been exported to many parts of the world, such as Europe, Australia, Singapore, America, Shanghai and some other regions. In Vietnam, products are distributed in supermarkets and many stores across Vietnam.

We work together to create value and bring positive change to families, communities, and societies.

Mission mission is to produce and supply safe, healthy and healthy food to serve the needs of consumers’ modern life.

Our mission is to process and provide healthier products that also keep up with the consumers modern-life needs.


Enhancing the position of Vietnamese food products at home and abroad
Ensure the satisfaction of customers and partners through professionalism, sincerity, and creativity in activities
Always research and apply advanced new technology knowledge to develop new products and improve traditional products towards better health

Core values

Passion for service: customers, family and society.
Creativity: always encouraged and fundamental in research, production and processing activities, as well as serving customers and partners
Love, Respect and Understanding: Acting out of love and passion, respecting others more than yourself, understanding differences